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INCOSE to Bestow Award

In a special awards ceremony conducted during the International Workshop in Mesa, Arizona, USA, INCOSE will recognize 14 employees as Expert Systems Engineering Professionals (ESEP).

Included in the ceremony will be Eileen Arnold, Jerry Fisher, Kevin Forsberg, Terje Fossnes, Karl Geist, John Gill, David Hall, Chuck Halligan, Ken Kepchar, Bill Mackey, John Muehlbauer, Yoshi Ohkami, Garry Roedler, Mr. Hillary Sillitto, Dan Surber, Bob Turk and Mark Wilson.

“The ESEP serves to validate the credibility of systems engineers who are leaders within their respective organizations, to give them visibility as role models for other systems engineers, and to acknowledge their status among their peers, superiors, clients, and customers, ” according to David Walden, INCOSE Certification Program Manager.

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