U.S. Department of Defense Uses Harris Corp Radios in MRAP Vehicles

Harris Corporation received $228 million from the U.S. Marine Corps to provide Falcon II AN?VRC -104 high frequency radio systems to be used in Department of Defense All Terrain Vehicles.

“The Department of Defense will use the AN/VRC-104 radio system to provide reliable, secure beyond line-of-sight terrestrial communications for this new class of armored vehicle, ” said Steve Marschilok, president, Department of Defense Business, Harris RF Communications. “Beyond line-of-sight communications — such as HF and tactical satellite — are essential in Afghanistan because of its mountainous terrain.

According to a press release,  The AN/VRC-104 is a vehicular transceiver/amplifier that includes the AN/PRC-150(C), the only Type-1 certified HF radio available today.
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