Lockheed Martin Helps Save US Lives

Lockheed Martin and Allen-Vanguard have delivered the first set of anti-improvised explosive device (IED) systems to US troops operating overseas, according to an article on Homeland Security Newswire. The system, mounted on combat vehicles, is part of the U.S. Joint Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Electronic Warfare (JCREW 2) program.

Earlier this month, Lockheed Martin received a five year contract worth a potential $940 million to produce and deliver the SYMPHONY IED jammer system. The SYMPHONY jammer system is a vehicle mounted unit that jams radio frequencies. The Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin have not released details about the system. However, it is believed to come from Allen-Vanguard, a UK/Canadian company that provides radio jamming technology to European, Canadian and Australian militaries.

IEDs are responsible for more US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan than any other weapon used by insurgents. As the conflicts have evolved, insurgents have altered the method of IED delivery to try to defeat US countermeasures. IEDs can be set off remotely via cell phone or radio transmission or by setting up ‘trip wires’ across roads.

Coalition forces have fielded similar devices in an effort to defeat IEDs including ICE, used by US forces, Warlock/JCREW, used by US forces, and Electronic Jammer Against Bombs (EJAB), deployed by the Polish military.

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