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Executive Move – SAIC Appoints Rex Ballard General Manager

SAIC announced Thursday that Rex Ballard has been appointed the general manager of the Commercial Business Services Business Unit. Ballard has served as the acting director of the unit since July 2009.

Ballard has served at SAIC for over 20 years in a variety of areas. Prior to serving at SAIC, Ballard held other high level positions in the private sector and brings a wealth of experience to the position. As head of the business unit, he will be responsible for over 3, 000 employees in a number of countries who seek to provide life science and global energy solutions and services. Charles Koontz, president of the Information Technology and Network Solutions Group at SAIC, said Ballard “provides exceptional service to our customers, leadership to our employees, and value to our stockholders. I am pleased to recognize his exceptional achievements with this promotion.”

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