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Qwest to Enhance Nationwide Network to 100 Gigabits per Second

Qwest Communications will enhance its nationwide network to deliver speeds of up to 100 Gigabits per second to its customers. The upgrade has already begun and is planned to continue through 2010, further details are not currently publicly available.  Customers can expect 100 Gbps network access to be available in local markets where Qwest already offers Ethernet-based “iQ Networking” and “QWave” data networking services by the end of 2010..
Pieter Poll, Qwest’s CTO, says he is concerned basic physics could limit the speed of potential future netorks.  Poll says that there is no optical netork equivalent to Moore’s Law, which states that computer processing speed doubles every two years.  “In the optical environment, you have basic physics issues … There is no Moore’s Law in the optical world, ” Poll says.

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