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ICF finishes Wyoming transmission lines study

Hired by the state of Wyoming to aid its Infrastructure Authority, ICF International announced on Monday the completion of its independent study to develop and apply a framework for determining the minimum separation distance between proposed transmission lines in the state.

The study was deemed necessary after concerns were raised over the potential impact constructing transmission lines would have, concerns that included a lack of required separation distance between the extra-high voltage lines and the effect they’d have on the landscape.

ICF senior VP and manager of the Moutain West region Robert Henke sounded pleased with the result of the study, saying, “We appreciate the opportunity to conduct this important study for the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority and the state of Wyoming. This study reflects the type of independent analysis ICF is known for and has provided to our energy clients for the past 30 years.”

Based on the findings of the study, ICF recommended a range of minimum separation distances for the proposed transmission lines. Currently, seven new lines are proposed to go up.

Wyoming decided to construct these lines due to the growing demand for renewable energy, which requires long-distance transmission lines to connect remote
renewable resources to distant load centers.

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