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CA launches “Day One” support for z/OS® V1.11

On Friday, CA announced the launch of “Day One” support for z/OS® V1.11 for its mainframe management software solutions, continuing its history of timing its solutions to coincide with new releases of IBM® System z® operating systems. CA is supporting IBM z/OS V1.11 across more than 165 mainframe management solutions in 18 functional categories.

CA actively participated in IBM’s Early Support Program for z/OS V1.11 and installed the new version of the operating system in its own data center as part of its overall effort to provide customers with optimal “Day One” support.

“Our immediate support of the latest version of IBM’s z/OS operating system again demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the future of this uniquely reliable, scalable, secure, and energy-efficient enterprise computing platform, ” said CA Mainframe Business Unit executive VP and general manager Chris O’Malley. “This commitment is underscored by the innovative solutions such as CA MSM and other Mainframe 2.0 deliverables, which significantly augment the mainframe’s already highly-compelling value proposition.”

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