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Lockheed Martin Wins $33 Million NASA Contract Extension for ISS Cargo Delivery

Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems Inc. has won a one-year contract extension worth $33 million from NASA for cargo delivery to and from the International Space Station (ISS).   Lockheed Martin has held the contract for ISS cargo delivery since January 2004. This latest one-year extension will bring the total value of Lockheed Martin’s contract to $381 million.

Under the contract, Lockheed provides cargo packing for delivery to and from the ISS.  Cargo consists of pressurized and unpressurized science and logistics carriers, assembly hardware and crew support cargo. Other contract services include verifying the adequate performance of integrated cargo carriers, packing pressurized cargo into sub-carriers and returning the cargo to providers once it returns to Earth.  The extension takes effect Oct. 1, 2009, and is the second of two such options provided in the original contract.

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