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West Palm Beach: Thanks Presidio!

The city of West Palm Beach Florida saved an estimated $700, 000 in upgrading IT Solutions for its New City Center Project thanks to Presidio Networked Solutions. As an attempt to virtualize the New City Center Project, West Palm Beach used federal grants and stimulus dollars to bring cost-effective and useful technology to expand and restructure its network infrastructure and telephone systems.

The City decided to migrate a comprehensive Cisco IP-based voice and data infrastructure which simultaneously avoided expanding costly PBX and telephone systems. The innovative infracture was built on a single network of both voice and data services with the aide of Presidio Networked Solutions. With no costly cable installments required, West Palm Beach now saves in space and energy.

The virtual system is also a critical factor for hurricane rescue and relief. According to Chuck Osteen, Communications Manager for the City of West Palm Beach,   “With the IP-based system, set-up at the PD took mere hours instead of days — and was reconfigured remotely from Phoenix, which would have been impossible if we still relied on a PBX system.”

Referring to West Palm Beach Presidio success, CEO of Presidio Networked Solutions Joel Schleicher said, “State and local governments around the country today are in a position to replicate West Palm Beach’s success with its major infrastructure build-out, “ “Grants and other stimulus-driven opportunities are available to help entities undergo long-needed IT upgrades that provide a high return on investment, while making possible a raft of new services.”
The City of West Palm Beach has also benefited from other virtualization projects by Presidio Networked Solution partners NetApp and VMware.

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