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Kundra IT Dashboard Unveiled Today


Vivek Kundra
Vivek Kundra

Vivek Kundra, Chief Information Officer to the White House, launched the IT Dashboard today to tract all government information technology spending with major contractors, a $70 billion industry. The IT Dashboard is an example of the Obama Administration’s attempt to bring transparency to the US government.  

At the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City Vivek Kundra unveiled the newly-designed USASpending.gov. The website shows the exact amount of government money designated towards IT as well as if projects are over budget or behind schedule. The Office of Management and Budget will oversee and publish over 7, 000 information technology investments by the federal government, 800 which fall under the category of ‘major’ investments according to the IT Dashboard ranking system. 

After the launch of the IT Dashboard this morning Kundra said, “Everyone knows there have been spectacular failures when it comes to technology investments, ” “Now for the first time the entire country can see how we’re spending money and give us input.”

The website is also in response to last years federal report that stated $30 billion of IT spending was not on schedule and had a real potential of failing, according to a Washington Post report. 

“We’ve seen this with system after system, ” said Kundra. “Vendors over-promise and budgets have run away in terms of excessive spending. We’re trying to provide you with the tools to let American people show us a better way.”

Some first-day kinks have been reported on the USASpending.gov website with the increase in internet traffic and are currently being addressed. 

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