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CSC Closes $50 million IT Deal

Computer Science Corporation has closed a $50 million deal with the Great Britain Civil Nuclear Police Authority (CNPA) and five UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) companies. The 6 contracts for the next 5 years will provide CNPA and UKAEA with communication and information technology support including help desk, network support, applications management and database administration.

CSC will perform the necessary changes for the CNPA and UKAEA through its office in Cumbria, England; the center of CSC’s IT solutions for nuclear power clients. CSC plans to open a second  Center for Excellence in Scotland witin the next two months.

 During the break up of UKAEA into 5 companies, UKAEA’s 2008 study concluded that over the long term outsourcing its  IT services trumped its current in-house IT sources.

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