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AEA Technology Benefits From ‘Green’ President

Well at least one company is benefiting in this recession, that company is AEA Technology, the energy and climate change consultancy and an original subdivision of the UK’s Atomic Energy Association . With the purchase of US Project Performance Corporation (PPC) in August of 2008, AEA is carrying out President Obama’s pledge to create a ‘greener’ and more energy efficient America.

PPC clients already include the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. With the Obama stimulus plan rounding out $40 billion and emphasis on renewable energy and ‘green’ jobs, AEA Technology’s PPC has a $787 billion program for energy efficient technology in the works and already a $2 billion pipeline order from the US government.

The negative effects of the global recession in the private and public UK sector’s has caused AEA Technology  to expand its services abroad.

“In the UK… the public and private sector market is significantly impacted by the economic downturn and the group expects that trend to continue”, stated at an AEA press release .

AEA Technology has also been boosting investment in the private sector, with the launch of Ecopath, a tool used by businesses to cut energy and carbon dioxide costs. AEA Technology’s private sector technology requests rose over 18% this year, compared to an overall growth rate of 7%.

Mike Nigro, Chief Officer of Operations at AEA and former CEO of PPC, spoke of the unpreccedented opportutnies AEA Technology has with the new Obama Administration,

“The administration has already appropriated much of the monies and we’ve written six proposals already for $150m that we couldn’t have written had it not been for the AEA capabilities . . . over the next three years we see about $2 billion worth of opportunities that we now can go after because of the relationship between AEA and PPC.”

Plainly stated by the AEA Technology Press Release:“President Obama’s plan to make the US economy much more energy efficient and to create jobs from technology developed to minimize the US’s impact on climate change creates a very exciting opportunity for the AEA Group.”

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