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Multi-Billion Dollar DIA Tech Services Contract Released

The long-awaited, multi-billion-dollar technology services contract from the Defense Intelligence Agency has been released.   DIA released the request late Tuesday night for worldwide IT requirements and tech support services, including system design, development, and sustaining of global intelligence and command and control systems for both unclassified and classified networks.

Donald Adcock, Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (SITE)  program manager offered, “It’s much broader now.  “In 2007 when we started, it was for DIA only, but today we plan to provide IT services or the vehicle to do that to the entire…intelligence community.”

DIA says the SITE will be a multiple award task order type contract that could be worth $6.6 billion over five years. Adcock says DIA asks potential suppliers to submit queries on the RFP by June 5, will then hold a pre-proposal conference around June 16.  Responses will be due July 16.  He says they hope to have the application process wrapped up and start making awards in the middle of the second quarter, fiscal 2010 (February or March)

SITE’s goal is to consolidate as many as 30 existing contracts for IT support into one umbrella contract.  Adcock said SITE’s expansion started with the DIA and the Air Force discussions on rolling in the service’s Intelligence, Information, Command and Control, Equipment and Enhancements 2 (ICE2) contract, which expires in 2010 and has a ceiling of nearly $2 billion.  The Air Force and DIA decided to roll ICE2 requirements into SITE.

SITE’s scope will be broad, with DIA asking vendors to provide a variety of IT services and management functions across 52 categories.

The categories include application development, software engineering and integration, system architecture and next generation architecture planning, database management and enterprise storage services.

Adcock says the DIA’s target is eight awards – four to small businesses and four full-and-open.  But DIA is not set on just eight vendors: that target is just a starting point.

Adcock says DIA hopes to make eight awards-four to small businesses and four full-and-open. But DIA is not set on just eight vendors-it’s just a starting point, he adds: “What we want and what is more important is good competition, ”

“We want to be able to look at the bids and put together the right mix of small and full and open awards. We are asking the vendor community to propose against the entire contract functions and then we can look at how they are qualified to provide these services.”

Adcock says the review process will be intensive, but the DIA is making every effort to provide adequate review for the process.

“We’ve done several rounds of internal and external reviews, and had the Defense secretary-level review. We weathered through that pretty well and we’ve been through policy and acquisition reviews too.”

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