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Inside the Air Force’s Gen AI Chatbot

In June, the Department of the Air Force launched an experimental generative AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT. The Non-classified Internet Protocol Router AI tool, dubbed NIPRGPT, can converse with Air Force personnel and assist them with certain tasks. 

“There are multiple modernization efforts going on right now across the federal government and within the DAF to get tools in the hands of the workforce,” said Air Force CIO Venice Goodwine, a 2024 Wash100 Award winner. “This tool is another one of those efforts.”

Goodwine will be speaking at the Potomac Officers Club’s 2024 Air Force Summit on July 23! Don’t miss your opportunity to hear directly from the Air Force CIO and other government decision makers about what lies ahead for the Air Force. 

NIPRGPT is part of the Air Force’s Dark Saber software platform, which was designed to foster next-generation software development. 

The new NIPRGPT tool is the latest development in a string of AI-related efforts being led by the Air Force. In December 2023, Goodwine put in place a policy to enable the safe testing and experimentation of generative AI within the Air Force’s Office 365 environment. 

“The one thing that we are very cautious of and, you saw this, there are those that didn’t understand the technology. We’re figuring out ways how do we really just within our own confines of our own data then use this technology,” Goodwine said.

In May, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall flew aboard an F-16 fighter jet equipped with an autonomous agent during a combat test. 

For more insights into the Air Force’s AI programs and initiatives, join the Potomac Officers Club’s 2024 Air Force Summit on July 23. 

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