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Speaker Dr. Mark Linderman of AFRL to Speak at POC's Workloads at the Tactical Edge Forum

Speaker Dr. Mark Linderman of AFRL to Speak at POC’s Workloads at the Tactical Edge Forum

Dr. Mark Linderman is an esteemed Scientific and Professional Cadre of Senior Executives member from the Air Force Research Laboratory. As the Chief Scientist of the Information Directorate, he leads, advises, and authorizes all technical initiatives in the science and technology portfolio. 


His expertise spans various areas, including information sharing, data fusion, machine learning, performance optimization techniques, and systems resiliency. Keep reading to learn more about this leader.


Who Is Dr. Mark Linderman?


Dr. Mark Linderman
Image from the U.S. Air Force


Dr. Mark Linderman is a principal researcher specializing in information management technologies at the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate. His journey in this field began when he joined AFRL in 1994, armed with a Master of Engineering and a PhD in electrical engineering from Cornell University.


Before that, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Delaware. During his tenure, Mark made significant contributions as the technical lead of the AFRL Information Directorate Joint Battlespace Infosphere (JBI) Program from 2000 to 2004. 


Dr, Linderman’s expertise extends beyond his work at AFRL. He has co-authored various publications covering cloud computing, space vehicles, telecommunication security, autonomous aerial vehicles, and more. Linderman’s wealth of knowledge and experience make him a prominent figure to follow in his tracks. 


What Is the Tactical Edge?


The tactical edge is the operational environment where users, such as military personnel, work in areas with limited connectivity and resources. It’s a challenging setting where small advantages can have significant impacts.


Dr. Mark Linderman recognizes the importance of efficiency and resource management at the tactical edge. He said optimizing energy usage and finding ways to make missions more effective can have substantial cost and resource-saving benefits.


For example, reducing the number of times aircraft need to reengage a target or reassess intelligence can save a significant amount of money and resources, given the substantial fuel consumption of the United States Air Force (USAF).


Additionally, deploying aircraft and other technologies globally is a complex logistical undertaking exclusive to the USAF. It requires significant energy resources to accomplish these missions.


Catch Dr. Mark Linderman at the Potomac Officers Club’s Tactical Edge Forum


Workloads at the Tactical Edge Forum


If you are a tech enthusiast or a military strategist, this event will redefine how you think about modern warfare. Here, speakers like Dr. Mark Linderman will discuss cyber-physical risks, geopolitical uncertainty, and groundbreaking technologies reshaping the battlefield.


The United States Government, in collaboration with military leaders, will unlock the secrets behind our enhanced operational capabilities. Here, you’ll witness the potential of Kubernetes containerization technology as it propels mission success and impact on the tactical front lines.


By attending this event, you can immerse yourself in engaging discussions and gain insights into how data-driven decision-making in a zero-trust environment forever transforms the military. The future of warfare awaits! Register here. 

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