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Andrew Storms, Sarvinder Sandhu: Low-Code DevSecOps Could Help Agencies Accelerate App Development

Andrew Storms of Copado and Sarvinder Sandhu of Radiant Infotech said government agencies looking to accelerate secure application development while maximizing the potential of the cloud, meeting digital transformation objectives and driving citizen engagement should adopt low-code DevSecOps platform.

“A low-code DevSecOps platform offers a user-friendly experience through built-in security and governance controls that make it easy for nontechnical administrators to handle automated testing,” Storms and Sandhu wrote.

“Agencies can respond faster, achieve higher levels of software quality, deliver more digital services and scale to meet unprecedented demands — all while reducing the need for coding experience,” they added.

Sandhu and Storms noted that such platforms allow agencies to “maximize the value of low-code/no-code software as a service” and focus on developing experiences that advance citizen engagement and trust.

They discussed how the DevSecOps approach could help agencies immediately identify and address bugs and bake security, testing and compliance into the application at the start of the development process.

Storms and Sandhu talked about how Radiant Infotech assisted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in its app development project using Copado’s low-code DevSecOps platform.

They also urged agencies to choose single-vendor platforms that comply with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines and other security best practices as well as enable them to implement security, testing and compliance.

Storms is senior director of product line management at Copado and Sandhu is director of the Salesforce practice at Radiant Infotech.

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