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Granicus’ Natalie Fedie: Mapping ‘Citizen Journey’ Key to Agencies’ Citizen Engagement Efforts

Natalie Fedie

Natalie Fedie, vice president of customer success at cloud platforms provider Granicus, has said government agencies that seek to facilitate citizen engagement should map the “citizen journey.”

Fedie wrote that in order to map the citizen journey, agencies should know the methods used by the public to interact with a government institution or service and “determine the type of experience you want citizens to have.”

“Providing services in a customer-focused way often involves centralizing information by subject area so people can access a service without having to first know the government entity from which it is offered,” noted Fedie.

Agencies should also “cross-promote” programs with other public sector organizations to facilitate collaboration on programs and establish connection with potential stakeholders.

Fedie called on agencies to adopt enterprise software platforms that work to integrate with other tools and facilitate data sharing operations.

“Whether agencies are just starting out with digital engagement or want to increase their efforts, they must first define their desired outcomes and then identify the relevant audiences,” she added.

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