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A&D -  Aerospace and Defense
A&E -  Architect - Engineering
AAS -  Advisory and Assistance Services
ACES -  Access Certificates for Electronic Services
ACL -  Access Control List
ACO -  Administrative Contracting Officer
ACOE -  Army Corps of Engineers
ADCR -  Automated Document Control Register/ IFMS System
ADOPO -  Alternative Delivery Order Project Officer
ADPOMB -  ADP Operations Management Branch
ADR -  Alternative Disputes Resolution
AFRICOM -  US Africa Command
AH -  Allowance Holder
AIRMS -  ADP Information Resources Management and Scientific
AIS -  Automated Information Systems
ALJ -  Administrative Law Judges
AMR -  Acquisition Management Review
APDS -  Automated Procurement Documentation System
Appn -  Appropriation
APR -  Agency Procurement Request
Arch of the Capitol -  Architect of the Capitol
ARCS -  Alternative Remedial Contracting Strategy
ARPA-E -  Advanced Research Projects Agency Energe (DOE)
ARRA -  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
ASP -  Application Service Provider
ASPA -  Armed Services Procurement Act
Assignment of Claims -  This is done through ITSS when payment address needs to be changed to a financial institution. It is stored electronically and goes to finance for fund certification after CO makes Changes. Notice of assignment and instrument of assignment are two components of this.
ATSC -  Acquisition Training Service Center
AV -  Anti-Virus
AVS -  Application Visualization System
AWS -  Alternate Work Schedule
B2B -  Business to Business
B2G -  Business to Government
BAA -  Broad Agency Announcement
BAFO -  Best and Final Offer - For negotiated procurements, a contractor's final offer following the conclusion of discussions.
BBS -  Bulletin Board System
BCSLIB -  Boeing Mathematical and Statistical Library
Best Value -  The expected outcome of an acquisition that, in the Government's estimation, provides the greatest overall benefit in response to a requirement. A term applied to comparing proposals and ranking them from best to worst, not only on price but on all factors state in solicitation.
BI -  Background Investigations or Business Intelligence
BIC -  Business Information Center - One-stop locations for information, education, and training designed to help entrepreneurs start, operate, and grow their businesses. The centers provide free on-site counseling, training courses, and workshops and have resources for addressing a broad variety of business start up and development issues.
Bilateral Modification -  A contract modification that is signed by the contractor and the CO. Used to make negotiated adjustments resulting from the issuance of a change order; definitive letter contracts; or reflect other agreements of the parties modifying the terms of contracts.
BIN -  Business Identification Number
BLS -  Bureau of Labor Statistics
BOA -  Basic Ordering Agreement
BOD -  Beneficial Occupancy Date or Bid Opening Date
BPN -  Business Profile Network
BSPR -  Baseline Security Practices and Requirements
BTA -  Business Transformation Agency
CA -  Competitive Advocate or Certification Authority
CAA -  Clean Air Act
CAAC -  Civilian Agency Acquisition Council
CACO -  Corporate Administrative Contracting Officer
CAGE -  Commercial and Government Entity Code
CAGR -  Compound Annual Growth Rate
CAMP -  Contract Administrative Management Plan
CAO -  Contract Administration Office
CARS -  Computer Assisted Retrieval System
CAS -  Cost Accounting Standards
CBA -  Collective Bargaining Agreement
CBD -  Commerce Business Daily
CBE -  Commercial Business Environment
CBI -  Confidential Business Information
CCB -  Configuration Control Board / Change Control Board
CCID -  Computer Center Identification
CCPI -  Confidential Contract Proposal Information
CCRC -  Contracts Customer Relations Committee
CDOTS -  Contract Delivery Order Tracking System
CEC -  Contract Establishment Code
CERCLA -  Comprehensive Environmental Response or Compensation, and Liability Act.
Certificate of Competency -  A certificate issued by the Small Business Administration stating that the holder is "responsible" for the purpose of receiving and performing a specific government contract.
Certified 8(a) Firm -  A firm owned and operated by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and eligible to receive federal contracts under the Small Business Administration's 8(a) Business Development Program.
CESA -  Cyberspace Electronic Security Act
CFAA -  Common Federal Acquisition Architecture
CFE -  Contractor Furnished Equipment
CFM -  Contract Furnished Material
CFP -  Contract Furnished Property
CFR -  Code of Federal Regulations
CFTC -  Commodity Futures Trading Commission
CFY -  Current Fiscal Year
CG -  Comptroller General
CICA -  Competition in Contracting Act
CIS -  Contracts Information System
CJE -  Critical Job Element
CLIN -  Contract Line Item Number
CMAP -  Contract Management Administration Plan
CMM -  Contract Management Manual or Capability Maturity Model
CNT -  Contract
COB -  Close of Business
COC -  Certificate of Competency
COCOM -  Combat Command
COI -  Conflict of Interest
Cont Res, CR -  Continuing Resolution
Contractor Team Arrangement -  An arrangement in which (a) two or more companies form a partnership or join venture to act as potential prime contractor; or (b) an agreement by a potential prime contractor with on or more other companies to have them act as its subcontractors under a specified government contract or acquisition program.
CONUS -  Continental United States and the District of Columbia
COOP -  Continuity of Operations Plan
COR -  Contracting Office Representative
COTR -  Contracting Office Technical Representative
CP -  Certificate Policy
CPFF -  Cost Plus Fixed Fee
CPG -  Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
CPIC -  Capital Planning and Investment Control
CPIF -  Cost Plus Incentive Fee
CPO -  Contract Project Of
CPS -  Contract Payment System or Contractor Performance System or Certification Practice Statement
CR -  Cost Reimbursement
CRL -  Certificate Revocation List
CSHIB -  Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
CSI -  Common Sense Initiative
CSOR -  Computer Security Object Registry
CVE -  Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
CWA -  Clean Water Act
CWS -  Compressed Work Schedule
CY -  Current Year or Calendar Year
D&F -  Determination and Finding
DARC -  Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council - A group composed of representatives from each Military department, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and that is in charge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) on a joint basis with the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council. (CAAC)
DARO -  Days After Receipt of Order
DAU -  Defense Acquisition University
DCAA -  Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCIOT -  Deputy Chief Information Officer for Technology
DCN -  Document Control Number
DCO -  Document Control Officer
DDU -  Document Distribution Unit
DEL -  Deliver
Direct Cite -  Money does not go through the IT Fund. It is paid by the agency through DFAS. The vendor must go to DFAS to settle their account-it does not go through GSA. This money expires at the end of the fiscal year. Issued on a 1155 instead of GSA Form 300.
DN -  Distinguished Name
DoEd -  Department of Education
DOPO -  Delivery Order Project Officer
DPA -  Delegation of Procurement Authority
DSS -  Digital Signature Standard/ Data & Systems Staff / Decision Support Systems
DTD -  Dated
DTRA -  Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DOD)
DUNS -  Data Universal Numbering System
EAI -  Enterprise Application Integration
EAJC -  Equal Access to Justice Act
EC -  Electronic Commerce
ECA -  External Certification Authority
EDA -  Electronic Document Access
EDI -  Electronic Data Interchange
EEO -  Equal Employment Opportunity
EFT -  Electronic Funds Transfer
EIIP -  Emission Inventory Improvement Program
EIS -  Executive Information System
EIT -  Electronic and Information Technology
EMAP -  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program
EOP -  Executive Office of the President
EOY -  End of Year
EPAAR -  EPA Acquisition Regulation
EPCA -  Energy Policy and Conservation Act
EPCRA -  Emergency Planning and Community right to Know Act of 1986
EPP -  Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
EPS -  Electronic Posting System
ERC -  Enhanced Reliability Check
ES -  Engineering Services
ESA -  Employment Standards Administration
ESB -  Emerging Small Business - A small business concern whose size is no greater than 50% of the numerical size standard applicable to the Standard Industrial Classification code assigned to a contacting opportunity.
ESI -  Enforcement Sensitive Information
EVM -  Earned Value Management
FAA -  Federal Aviation Administratioin
FAC -  Federal Acquisition Circular
FACNET -  Federal Acquisition Computer Network
FACO -  Financial Administrative Contracting Officer
FAI -  Federal Acquisition Institute
FAIR -  Federal Activities Inventory Reform
FAMIS -  Federal Acquisition Management Information System
FARA -  Federal Acquisition Reform Act
FASA -  Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994
FASAB -  Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act
FAT -  First Article Testing
FBCA -  Federal Bridge Certification Authority
FBO -  Federal Business Opportunities
FCO -  Funds Control Officer
FDA -  Federal Drug Administration
FDIC -  Federal Depost Insurance Corporation
FDO -  Funds Determination Officer
FFA -  Federal Facilities Agreement
FFMIA -  Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996
FFP -  Firm Fixed Price
FFRDC -  Federally Funded Research and Development Center
FGIPC -  Federation of Government Information Processing Councils
FICS -  Grants Information and Control System
FIFRA -  Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
FILO -  First In Last Out
FIPS -  Federal Information Processing Standard
FIRMR -  Federal Information Resource Management Regulation
FLSA -  Fair Labor Standards Act
FLTCIP -  Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
FMFIA -  Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act
FMR -  Financial Monitoring Reviews
FMS -  Financial Management System
FMSD -  Financial Management and Services Division
FNSI -  Findings of No Significant Impact
FOB -  Free on Board
FOIA -  Freedom of Information Act
FOSD -  Field Operations & Support Division
FOUO -  For Official Use Only
FP -  Fixed Price/ Fixed Price incentive
FPASA -  Federal Property and Administration Services Act
FPDC -  Federal Procurement Data Center
FPDS -  Federal Procurement Data System
FPI -  Federal Prisons Industries, Inc.
FPKIPA -  Federal PKI Policy Authority
FPKISC -  Federal PKI Steering Committee
FR -  Federal Register
FRC -  Federal Records Center
FSC -  Federal Supply Classification
FSN -  Federal Stock Number
FSS -  Federal Supply Schedule
FTE -  Full Time Equivalent
FTP -  File Transfer Protocol
FTS -  Federal Telephone System
FUDS -  Formerly Used Defense Site
Full and Open Competition -  With respect to a contract action, "full and open" competition means that all responsible sources are permitted to compete.
FY -  Fiscal Year
G&A -  General and Administrative
GAO -  General Accounting Office
GARL -  Group Action Request List
GEP -  Government Entry Point
GFM -  Government Furnished Material
GFP -  Government Furnished Property
GFY -  Government Fiscal Year
GICS -  Global Industry Classification Standard
GILS -  Government Information Location Services
GIS -  Geographic Information Systems
GISRA -  Government Information Security Reform Act
GITSB -  Government Information Technology Services Board
GOCO -  Government Owned - Contract Operated
GPEA -  Government Paperwork Elimination Act
GPO -  Government Printing Office
GPRA -  Government Performance and Results Act
GRS -  General Records Schedule
GS -  General Schedule
GTR -  Government Travel Regulations
GWACs -  Government Wide Acquisition Contracts
HAZMAT -  Hazardous Materials
HCA -  Head, Contract Activity
HDPS -  Homeland Defense Procurement Strategy
HEP -  Hispanic Employment Program
HPOD -  Headquarters, Procurement Operations Division
HUB Zone -  Historically Underutilized Business Zone
HUD -  Department of Housing and Urban Development
IAE -  Integrated Acquisition Environment
IAG -  Inter-agency Agreement
IAW -  In Accordance With
IC -  Information Centers
ICAR -  Individual Contract Action Report
ICMS -  Integrated Contract Management System
ID -  Indefinite Delivery/ Indirect Rate/ Identification
IDDQ -  Indefinite Delivery Definite Quantity
IDP -  Individual Development Plan
IETF -  Internet Engineering Task Force
IFB -  Invitation for Bid
IFMS -  Integrated Financial Management System
IG -  Inspector General
IGA -  Inter Governmental Agreement
IGCE -  Independent Government Cost Estimate
IGE -  Independent Government Estimate
IGMS -  Information Grants Management System
ILC -  Irrevocable Letters of Credit
Incremental Funding -  Used if the total task order is awarded and the dollar amount of the work is more than the client has available as the desired start time. Pricing for the project is totaled and assigned on the contract, but the pricing is charged incrementally as it becomes available. The overall scope of work and pricing does not change from the original proposal. The incremental funds are added by modifications, but the modifications are not supposed to add on to the period o fperfomace or to add money on to the full amount of the contract.
Intermediary Organization -  Organizations that play a fundamental role in encouraging, promoting, and facilitating business to business linkages and mentor - protege partnershps. These can include both nonprofit and for profit organizations: chambers of commerce; trade associations; local, civic, and community groups; state and local governments; academic institutions; and private corporations.
Intl Assist -  International Assistance Programs (partially USAID)
IQ -  Indefinite Quantity
IRM -  Information Resource Management
IRP -  Installation Restoration Program
ISDN -  Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO -  Information Security Officer/ International Standard Organization/ Independent System Operator
IT Fund -  A fund that is managed by the Government which agencies draw from to pay their costs. It is "no ear money" meaning that it does not expire at the end of the fiscal year. It must be used to buy IT services and supplies.
ITA -  Information Technology Architecture
ITMRA -  Information Technology Management reform Act of 1996
ITV -  Interactive Video Instruction
IVPN -  Integrated Vendor Profile Network
J&A -  Justification and Analysis
JAD -  Joint Application Development
JFCOM -  US Joint Forces Command
JFMIP -  Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
JOFOC -  Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition
JWOD -  Javits-Wagner-O'Day
KPA -  Key Process Area
KW -  Knowledge Management
LC -  Letter Contract
LIFO -  Last In First Out
LILO -  Last In Last Out
LNS -  Laboratory Network Systems
LOC -  Library of Congress
LOE -  Level Of Effort
LOFC -  Limitation of Future Contracting
LOI -  Letters Of Interest
LSA -  Labor Surplus Area
MAC -  Multiple Award Contract/ Multi Agency Contract.
MAIA -  Mid Atlantic Integrated Assessment
MARS -  Management and Accounting Reporting System
MAS -  Multiple Award Schedule
MBE -  Minority Business Enterprise
MBEWBE -  Minority Business Enterprise Women Owned Business Enterprise
MBO -  Management by Objectives
MC -  Mail Code
MCDS -  Multi-Channel Data System
MDAP -  Major Defense Acquisition Program
MEB -  Minority Owned Business
MES -  Management Evaluation Staff
Mildep -  Military Department
MIPR -  Military Inter-agency Purchase Request - A funding source document accessed through ITSS for all branches of the military. Be sure to make sure the amount on the MIPR is more or the same as the contracted amount.
MIS -  Management Information System
MLT -  Manufacturing Lead - Time
MOA -  Memorandum of Agreement
MOC -  Memorandum of Change
MOSES -  Mission Oriented Systems Engineering Support
MOU -  Memorandum of Understanding
NAAQS -  national Ambient Air Quality Standards
NAFTA -  North American Trade Agreements Act
NAICS -  North American Industry Classification System
NCPD -  National Contracts Payment Divisions
NCSC -  North Carolina Super Computer Center
NDPD -  National Data Processing Division
NDU -  National Defense University
NECPA -  National Energy Conservation Policy
NEPA -  National Environmental Policy Act
NESC -  National Environmental Supercomputing Center
New York Stock Exchange -  Largest stock exchange in the U.S.
NICE -  National Information Center Exchange / Network Information and Control Exchange
NIH -  National Institutes of Health
NII -  National Information Infrastructure
NIP -  National Intelligence Program
NIS -  Not in Stock
NLT -  No Later Than
nm -  Not Meaningful
NOAA -  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
NRC -  Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NSF -  National Science Foundation
NSN -  National Stock Number
NSNA -  No Stock Number Assigned
NSP -  Not Separately Priced / Network Services Protocol
NTSD -  National Technology Services Division
NVFEL -  National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
O&M -  Operations & Maintenance
O&N -  Operation and Maintenance
OA -  On or About / Office of the Administrator / Ordering Activity
OAM -  Office of Acquisition Management
OARM -  Office of Administration and Resources Management
OB -  Operating Budget
OCDs -  Other Direct Costs
OCI -  Organizational Conflict of Interest
OCO -  Overseas Contingency Operations
OCR -  Optical Character Recognition
ODBC -  Open Database Connectivity Drivers
ODC -  Other Direct Costs
ODN -  Obligating Document Number
ODR -  Observed Defect Rule
OE -  Assistant Administrator for Enforcement
OEI -  Office of Environment Information
OEM -  Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFAC -  Office Forms Advisory Council
OFCCP -  Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
OFF -  Office Forms Facilitator
OFPP -  Office of Federal Procurement Policy
OFPPA -  Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act
OGC -  Office of general Counsel
OH -  Overhead
OID -  Object Identifier
OJT -  On the Job Training
OLAP -  Online Analytical Processing
OLTP -  Online Transaction Processing
OMB -  Office of Management and Budget
OMS -  Office of Mobile Services
One-Stop Capital Shops -  OSCS are the SBA's contribution to the Empowerment Zones/Enterprise Communities Program, and inter-agency initiative that proceeds resources to economically distressed communities. The shops provide a full range of SBA lending and technical assistance programs.
OPM -  Office of Personnel Management
OPP -  Office of Pesticide Programs
OPPT -  Office of Pollution and Toxics
ORD -  Office of Research and Development
OSA -  Operational Service Agreement
OSC -  On Site Coordinator
OSD -  Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSDBU -  Office of Small and Disadvantage Business Utilization
OSHA -  Occupational Safety and Health Administration
P.L -  Public Law
PA -  Privacy Act
PALT -  Procurement Action Lead Time
Partnering -  A mutually beneficial business to business relationship based on trust and commitment and that enhances capabilities of both parties.
PAYGO -  Pay-as-you-go
PB -  Presidents Budget
PBSC -  Performance Base Service Contracting
PCMD -  Procurement and Contracts Management Division
PCO -  Procuring Contracting Officer
PCR -  Procurement Center Representative, Small Business
PCSC -  Personal Computer Site Coordinator
PDD -  Procurement Desktop Defense
PDOA -  Preliminary Design and Options Analysis Phase
PE -  Procurement Desktop Defense
PEB -  Performance Evaluation Board
PEBES -  Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement
PEC -  Procurement Executive Council
PERS -  Performance and Environmental Results System
PIIN -  Procurement Instrument Identification Number
PIN -  Personal Identification Number / Procurement Initiation Notice
PKI -  Public Key Infrastructure
PM -  Program Manager
PMN -  Pre-Manufacture Notices
PMRS -  Performance Management & Recognition Systems
PMSB -  Program Management Support Branch
PN -  Part Number
PNM -  Price Negotiation Memorandum
PO -  Purchase Order / Project Officer
POAM -  Plan of Action Milestones
POI -  Program Office Interface
POP -  Period of Performance / Place of Perfromance
PPA -  Pollution Prevention Act of 1990
PPAS -  Presidentially Appointed - Senate Confirmed
PPD -  Procurement Planning Document
PPN -  Procurement Planning Notice
PPPRs -  Planning Purpose Procurement Requests
PR -  Procurement Requests
PRA -  Paperwork Reduction Act
Price Analysis -  To ensure "fair and reasonable" prices. The FAR addresses two methods of analysis: 1) price and 2)cost. Price analysis is the more appropriate method when using simplified acquisition procedures because its less complex, less time consuming, and less expensive.
Procurement Plan -  Completed for 8(a) businesses and provides an outline of actions for the contract. An internal document, the contract specialist and a contracting officer sign off on the document.
PSD -  Program Systems Division
PTOD -  Policy, Training and Oversight Division
PY -  Prior Year
QA -  Quality Assurance
QAP -  Quality Assurance Plan
QAT -  Quality Action Team
QBL -  Qualified Bidders List
QIC -  Quality Information Council
QML -  Qualified Manufacturer List
QPL -  Qualified Products List
RA -  Remedial Action / Regional Administrator / Registration Authority
RAC -  Response Action Contract
RAD -  Responsible Associate Director
RALI -  Requisition Accounting Line Inquiry
RAS -  Routine Analytical Services
RCO -  Regional Contracting Officer
RCRA -  Resource Conservation Recovery Act of 1976
RD -  Remedial Design
RDBMS -  Relational Database Management System
RDSD -  Regulation Development and Support Division
REM -  Remedial Engineering Management Contracts
REPSHIP -  Report of Shipment
Req -  Request
REQL -  Requisition Line
RFB -  Request For Bid
RFC -  Request for Comments / Regional Finance Center
RFI -  Request for Infromation
RFP -  Request For Proposal -A document outlining a government agency's requirements and the criteria for the evaluation of offers.
RFQ -  Request for Quote
RI / FS -  Remedial Investigation , Feasibility Study
RIT -  Rapid Implementation Team
RPIO -  Responsible Planning Implementation Officer
RPM -  Remedial Program Manager
RPO -  Regional Project Officer
RRB -  Railroad Retirement Board
S&L -  State and Local
S&P -  Standard and Poor's
SAAC -  Secretarial Administrative Advisory Council
SADBU -  Small and Disadvantage Business Utilization
SARA -  Superfund Amendments and Re-authorization Act of 1986
SAVE -  Society of American Value Engineers
SBA -  Small Business Administration / Small Business Act
SBCDP -  Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program
SBDC -  Small Business Development Centers - Offer a broad spectrum of business information and guidance as well as assistance in preparing loan applications
SBIR -  Small Business Innovative Research
SBIR Contract -  Small Business Innovative Research Contract - A type of contract designed to foster technological innovation by small businesses with 500 or fewer employees. The SBIR contract program provides for a three - phased approach to research and development projects; technological feasibility and concept development; the primary research effort; and the conversion of the technology to a commercial application.
SBSA -  Small Business Set Aside
SC -  Scientific Computing Staff
SCA -  Service Contract Act
SCORE -  Service Corps of Retired Executives - 12,400 member volunteer association sponsored by the SBA. SCORE matches volunteer business - management counselors with present prospective small business owners in need of expert advice.
SDB -  Small Disadvantaged Business
SDC -  Service Development Center
SEC -  Securities and Exchange Commission
SECDEF -  Secretary of Defense
SEP -  Single Entry Point
SES -  Senior Executive Service
SEWP Contracts -  NASA Contracts which have been pre-competed so no additional competition is required. NASA charges .75% access fee.
SF -  Standard Form
SFFAS -  Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards
SFO -  Servicing Finance Office
SGL -  U.S Government Standard General Ledger
SIC -  Standard Industrial Code
SIG -  Special Interest Group
SIRMO -  Senior Information Resources Management Official
SLA -  Service Level Agreements Attainment
Small Disadvanted Business Concern -  A small business concern that is at least 51% owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged. This can include a publicly owned business that has at least 51% of its stock unconditionally owned by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and whose management and daily business in controlled by one or more such individuals
SMO -  Sample Management Office
SOCOM -  US Special Operations Command
SOP -  Standard Operating Procedures
SOW -  Statement Of Work
SPEDI -  Small Purchase Electronic Data Interchange
SPS -  Standard Procurement System
SRO -  Senior Resource Official
SRRPOD -  Superfund/RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
SSA -  Source Selection Authority / Substantially the Same As
SSAC -  Source Selection Authority Committee
SSEB -  Source Selection Evaluation Board
SSO -  System Security Officer
SSRB -  Source Selection Review Board
STMP -  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Supplemental Agreement -  A contract modification that is accomplished by the mutual action of both parties.
SWA -  South West Asia
T4C -  Termination for Convince
T4D -  Termination for Default
TAPP -  Time and Attendance, Payroll Personnel System
TAT -  Technical Assistance Team Contracts
TCP/IP -  Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TDM -  Technical Direction Memo
TDY -  Temporary Duty
TES -  Technical Enforcement Support Contracts
TFM -  Treasury Financial Manual
TIN -  Tax Identification Number / Truth in Negotiations
TL -  Team Leader
TLH -  Technical Labor Hour
TM -  Time Division Multiplexer
Treas -  Department of the Treasury
TSCA -  Toxic Substances Control Act
U.S. Government Accountability Office -  Investigative arm of Congress charged with examining matters relating to the receipt and payment of public funds.
U/I -  Unit of Issue
UCF -  Uniform Contract Code
Unilateral Modification -  A contact modification that is signed only by the CO. Used to make administrative changes; issue change orders; or make changes authorized by other than a "changes" clause.
USCIC -  US Citizenship and Immigration Services
WOMAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS (WOSB) -  Must meet NAICS codes with more than 50% ownership by women. A woman must run Day to day operations.