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GovConWire Events, established in 2020 as a sister organization of Potomac Officers Club, offers leaders ranging across all levels of experience access to hear from top level government and industry leaders through virtual forums and events as well as continued access to our on demand recordings and resources. GovConWire Events and Training provide insight on the latest trends in the Government Contracting Industry.

Our mission is to enable GovCon professionals across the country to receive the knowledge and expertise needed to remain current with the evolving Government Contracting marketplace and build an organization dedicated to teaching and empowering executives across the country. Beyond that, we want to weave together a fabric of interactive participation and partnering among the smaller and midsize contractors and provide access to some of the very best government speakers and government contracting speakers available in today’s market.

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The Elite Membership subscription offers complementary event registrations during the year. If you will be a frequent attendee, this option offers the best value. The Professional Membership subscription option has a lower annual fee, but has a cost for each event you attend. The Non-Member/Guest option does not require a membership commitment, and you only pay for the events you attend.

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