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SpringCM’s Gary Wootten: Cloud-Based Records Retention Schedule Could Help Agencies Streamline Document Mgmt

Gary Wootten

Gary Wootten, vice president of public sector at SpringCM, has said agencies that aim to automate records management and improve collaboration should adopt a cloud-based records retention schedule.

Wootten wrote that implementing such a schedule would help agencies classify records based on retention period, event or case type while complying with document management rules of the Defense Department and the National Archives and Records Administration.

He cited the capability of cloud platforms in facilitating document workflows and how a records retention schedule could help agencies manage contracts.

“For example, if a contract has a period of performance that expires in 36 months, the contracting team can set a smart rule that will generate an alert at a specified date, allowing contracting officers and legal teams the desired lead time to process the contract renewal,” he noted.

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