The Contributions of Geospatial Science and Technology to Climate Change

The Contributions of Geospatial Science and Technology to Climate Change

June 22nd, 2022 1:00pm EST   Virtual, ON24

We welcome Dr. Lorraine Tighe, Director of Earth Sciences Solutions at Esri as our Fireside Chat guest.  Dr. Tighe oversees expanding the use of Esri software and technologies across Earth sciences disciplines, to include geoscience, environmental, climate, weather, and marine sciences. GIS helps absorb the immense amount of Earth observation data about what's occurring on our planet and helps make sense of its meaning. GIS in Earth Sciences enables users to advance science-driven understanding of climate change, resources management, and environmental challenges to help decision-makers create sustainable solutions that positively impact the world. This chat with Lorraine Tighe will discuss her role, where Esri is advancing Earth sciences, and what we can expect in the future as Esri continues to evolve their mission to help organizations gain guidance, insight, and information from geospatial data to ensure a more sustainable Earth.

  • Lorraine Tighe
    Dr. Lorraine Tighe - Speaker
    Director of Earth Sciences Solutions, Esri

    Dr. Lorraine Tighe, Esri's Director of Earth Sciences Solutions, leads the strategy and messaging for the Earth Sciences Industry. She is a geospatial thought leader amplifying how Earth observations, GIS, and geospatial solutions provide a means to make our planet a thriving one. With 20+ years in topographic, geologic, natural resource, and Earth science applications, she loves how geospatial thinking can help us transform our society to enhance sustainability and prosperity for ALL of humankind. Dr. Tighe has a Ph.D. degree in Earth Sciences (Physics), a graduate diploma in Remote Sensing, and a B.Sc. degree in Physics and Geology. Her career has granted her the opportunity to engage with fellow remote sensing professionals across the globe to help implement geospatial solutions that help better understand and preserve Earth. At Esri, she continues to pursue her passion for applying geospatial solutions for a better tomorrow by now supporting others on the same mission.

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