3rd Annual IC Acquisition and Technology Innovation Forum

3rd Annual IC Acquisition and Technology Innovation Forum

Thursday, March 09, 2023 8:00am-10:00am EST   Virtual, ON24

The United States’ intelligence and defense strategies are shifting away from counterterrorism and pivoting toward peer and near-peer adversary competition, spurring significant changes within the intelligence community. In order to update its tradecraft and adapt to meet the evolving needs of today’s intelligence missions, the IC must harness advanced new technologies and capabilities more rapidly than ever before.

Join the most notable figures in American intelligence at GovCon Wire’s 3rd Annual IC Acquisition and Technology Innovation Forum. This event gathers public and private sector leaders together to discuss how federal acquisition policies, procurement priorities, current events, modernization efforts and new technologies are shaping the global intelligence landscape today.

  • Diane Dunshee
    Diane Dunshee - Panelist
    Deputy Director, Business Management and Acquisition and Senior Acquisition Executive, National Security Agency (NSA)

    Diane Dunshee is the Deputy Director of Business Management & Acquisition (BM&A) and the Senior Acquisition Executive (SAE) at the National Security Agency (NSA). She is responsible for all procurements, from physical fences to complex industry-leading systems, acquired as part of major acquisition programs. This averages over 19,000 procurement actions costing several billion dollars per year. (U) Diane is responsible for delivering major acquisitions and ensuring the acquisition process is followed consistently and appropriat ely. She develops and maintains strategic relationships with acquisition stakeholders across NSA, the Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community. Diane also develops relationships with industry leaders, ensuring there is a healthy industrial base capable of meeting NSA's unique needs. (U) PRIOR POSITIONS: Previously, Diane served as the program executive officer for Collection, Processing and Exploitation, and Research. In this role, she provided sound leadership, program management, and oversight to the Collection, Processing and Exploitation, and Research Investment Portfolios. She ensured the successful deployment of new capabilities and sustained existing capabilities consistent with investment decisions and compliant with regulations, policies, and directives. In doing so, Diane ensured programs, portfolios, and projects were executed following a structured decision process and within the cost, schedule, and performance framework. (U) Diane also served as the program executive officer for the Mission Management and Analysis and Production and the Processing & Exploitation investment port folios. (U) Other previous assignments include leadership positions in the field of cryptographic key management, systems engineering, and program/portfolio mana gement. Diane has over 28 years of experience at NSA. (U) PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: Diane holds DAWIA Level 111 Program Management certification and is a member of the NSA Acquisition Corps. (U) EDUCATION: Diane holds a master's degree in telecommunications from George Washington University and a bachelor's degree in business administration from Towson University. (U) AWARDS: In 2016, Diane received the prestigious Presidential Rank Award. (U) PERSONAL: Diane resides in Pasadena, Maryland, with her husband, Rick. They have two adult children, Ben and Julia. She enjoys watching sports, gardening, running, and cooking.

  • Juliane Gallina
    Juliane Gallina - Keynote
    Associate Deputy Director of Digital Innovation, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

    Ms. Juliane J. Gallina is the Associate Deputy Director of CIA for Digital Innovation. Ms. Gallina brings experience from leadership positions in the public and private sectors. Prior to her current role, Ms. Gallina served as the Agency’s Chief Information Officer and the Director of the Information Technology Enterprise (D/ITE). Ms. Gallina also served in the private sector as the Vice President of IBM’s US Federal Key Accounts. Before joining IBM, Ms. Gallina served as a CIA Directorate of Science and Technology (DST) officer assigned to the National Reconnaissance Office. Juliane was commissioned as naval officer at the US Naval Academy, and retired as a reserve officer in 2013. She holds a Master of Science in both Space Systems and Electrical Engineering. While at the US Naval Academy, Juliane was the first woman to lead the brigade of midshipmen since its founding in 1846.

  • Judith Oxman
    Judith Oxman - Panelist
    Deputy Senior Acquisition Executive, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

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