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SAP and Daon To Provide Effective Biometric Technology

SAP AG has awarded the leading biometric identity assurance provider Daon the SAP NetWeaver Certification for the Daon Engine Platform. SAP AG hopes to help public safety and security organizations deliver seamless and more effective services through managing biometric data and associated identity functions. The Press Release gives an example of border patrol now being …

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Raytheon Gets $12.8M From Navy To Update Tomahawk

The US Navy awarded Raytheon a $12.8 million contract to test and update its Tomahawk missiles. The testing will mostly be performed at Raytheon’s base in Tucson Arizona. A prototype is scheduled by 2012 and is expected to have the ability to hit a target at sea from 1, 000 miles away.

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Raytheon $155M From DARPA

The Defense Advance Researched Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded Raytheon a $155 million contract. Raytheon will provide the US military with a new wireless communications network. Under the Mobile Ad-Hoc Interoperability Gateway, (MAINGATE) Raytheon will place civil and military radios under one system and improve communication within the two divisions.  Jerry Powlen, vice president of Raytheon …

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