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Mark Amtower: How LinkedIn Can Help Turn “Social Distancing” into Social Proximity, Part Two

Mark Amtower GovConExpert

While working from home, we each need to create our own “new normal” to stay in touch with our respective networks. The easiest way to do this is to utilize tools we are familiar with but perhaps are not fully exploiting- things like ZOOM and LinkedIn.

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Mark Amtower: SAST Meets Content Marketing, or When Heisenberg Collides with Moore’s Law

Not only are attention spans getting shorter, but the majority of people are multi-tasking, especially the younger ones, which further reduces attention given to each task. So now we get to the crux of this matter: in our market “content is king.” Companies seeking to grow marketshare have an ever-increasing …

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Mark Amtower: Five Things GovCon Executives Should Know About LinkedIn

Since 2009, I have coached and trained thousands of individuals and numerous sales teams on leveraging LinkedIn, now referred to as social selling. “I didn’t know you could do that on LinkedIn,” is one comment I get every time I do a LinkedIn training session, whether it is at a …

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Mark Amtower: Just Another Blurry Face in the (LinkedIn) Crowd

A throw-away comment by Aaron Heffron of Market Connections at the 930Gov conference got my attention: "Most sales people on LinkedIn look the same without even trying."

This is both a true statement and brilliant in its simplicity. Fed sales people, indeed many in GovCon, don't bother to take the time to "look good" on LinkedIn, to differentiate both themselves and thei companies from the competition."

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Lou Anne Brossman’s 10 Tips on How to Market to a Federal CIO (and other senior level executives)

In my 35-plus years as a government marketer, one thing has stayed constant: the knowledge that we can all gain from listening to our customers.  One way we do that at Government Marketing University is through our Ambassador program. GMarkU Ambassadors are seasoned former government leaders who contribute their time, expertise, and valuable insight on how to engage with government decision makers and influencers. 

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