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SDA Seeks Info on Space Payloads for Transport Layer Tranche 2 Demo, Experimentation System

The Space Development Agency is asking industry for information on space payloads for the second tranche of the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture’s transport layer.

SDA expects the Transport Layer Tranche 2 Demonstration and Experimentation System to be composed of about 20 spacecraft configured into several variants and designed to transport a set of standard payloads plus one or more payloads, according to a request for information published Wednesday.

The agency intends to know how payloads should be grouped into space vehicle variants and wants information on the ability of companies to demonstrate the maturity of key payloads for the T2DES program in time for a launch in 2027.

Tranche 2 Transport Layer proliferates and expands upon the capabilities fielded by Tranche 1, providing additional Link-16, IBS-L and TACSATCOM coverage. The T2DES program will demonstrate capabilities that show potential for warfighter utility and proliferation in future tranches,” the RFI states.

SDA is soliciting information on baseline communications payloads, including Ka-band link for ground-entry point interface for telemetry, tracking and control and S-band TTC link for GEP interface and backup TTC.

Vendors could also provide information on specialized payloads for the Protected Tactical Waveform, Directional Line of Sight and Link-16 MIDS Modernization 2 waveforms.

SDA plans to award the T2DES contract in the second quarter of fiscal year 2024.

Responses to the RFI are due June 15.

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