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Report: White House to Propose $715B for FY 2022 Defense Budget

The White House plans to introduce a $715 billion budget proposal for the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2022, Politico reported Thursday.

Politico cited sources that say the budget request would represent a 1.5 percent increase from DOD’s current FY 2021 budget allocation of approximately $704 billion and would be less than the previous administration’s projected funding of $722 billion.

The planned FY 2022 budget fails to meet the 3 to 5 percent increase Republican lawmakers want the White House to propose to fund military transformation efforts in order to counter threats posed by Russia and China.

The Biden administration is set to unveil on Friday the outline of its FY 2022 budget proposal, including request for discretionary spending and proposed funding levels for the Pentagon and other federal agencies, and plans to release a detailed budget submission later in the spring, according to the report.

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