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Laurie Young Director of CI Lone Star Analysis

Competitive Intelligence Spotlight #35: Lone Star Analysis’ Laurie Young on Her CI Approach, ‘Rule of Three’ in Data Sourcing

TYSONS CORNER, VA, November 17, 2020 — ArchIntel is glad to unveil the 35th in a series of interviews with Competitive Intelligence and GovCon executives who share their insights about creating and sustaining a competitive advantage.

Laurie Young, director of competitive intelligence at Lone Star Analysis, gave her perspective on the role of market intelligence in the CI process, an overview of her principle to verify data sources and insight into trust in customer relationships.

“The purpose of competitive intelligence is to provide a view of the competitive field, to understand the tools, bidding behavior and resources. Market intelligence is a part of competitive intelligence because you have to understand the market that you’re working in, the barriers to entry, the technologies, the players and the customers.”

To read Laurie Young’s full interview, and gain insight into other competitive intelligence and analysis experts’ perspectives, view ArchIntel’s ‘Competitive Intelligence Spotlight Series.’

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