Russell Brodsky Director of Govt Sales Nuance

Nuance’s Russell Brodsky: Biometric-Based Authentication, Engagement Tech Key to Achieving Seamless Customer Experience

Russell Brodsky, director of government sales at Nuance (Nasdaq: NUAN), said adopting biometric-based authentication systems and engagement technologies could help agencies offer a seamless and secure experience for citizens.

Brodsky wrote that agencies should provide citizens a “straightforward enrollment process” by implementing an authentication system that could also easily detect breaches and block threat actors.

“People have begun to see the value of sharing some biometric information in exchange for the convenience of a faster, smoother experience,” he noted. “When people enroll in agency programs, they should have the option of authenticating in a number of ways, such as engaging with an automated system that incorporates face, fingerprint or behavioral biometrics so they can get the information they need more securely and quickly.”

Brodsky discussed how artificial intelligence, predictive machine learning and omnichannel communications combined with authentication practices could help agencies improve customer engagement and reduce costs through faster resolution of calls.

He called on agencies to enhance employee satisfaction by using automation to manage routine exchanges of information and enable their personnel to focus on more complex tasks.

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