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Micro Focus’ David Wray: Data Correlation, Aggregation Methods Could Support AI-Based Insight Generation Process

David Wray, chief technology officer at Micro Focus Government Solutions, said agencies seeking to remove irrelevant information, glean key insights and improve mission outcomes can use advanced data aggregation and correlation techniques coupled with artificial intelligence.

“Generating actionable insights requires the ability to correlate data from any source and in any format, including images, video and audio,” Wray wrote.

He discussed how the company’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer technology could help agencies identify the most relevant information and come up with a critical infrastructure monitoring platform in alignment with the Department of Homeland Security’s National Infrastructure Protection Plan.

Wray also cited the need for agencies to incorporate data protection into their AI and analytics strategies. He noted how Voltage SecureData system and other tools could assist agencies to facilitate data encryption and analytics even when the data is in use.

He called on agencies to know where data resides to safeguard it from potential breaches and other cyber threats.

“Agencies could better protect this data and reduce risks by discovering and removing duplicate copies and centralizing a data protection scheme,” Wray wrote. “Treating data like a strategic asset requires an enterprisewide approach and advanced information management and governance techniques.”

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