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Terry Roberts

Terry Roberts, WhiteHawk Founder & CEO, to Serve as Panelist at Potomac Officers Club’s CMMC Forum 2020 on June 24th

Terry Roberts
Terry Roberts

Terry Roberts, CEO and founder of WhiteHawk, will serve as a panelist on “The Role of the DIB in Countering Adversary Activity” panel at Potomac Officers Club’s CMMC Forum 2020 on Wednesday, June 24th.

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Throughout her career, Roberts has established the first Cybersecurity Online Exchange. She has enabled all businesses to have continuous online access to tailored learning, smart buying, and connections to the best products, services, insights and trends industry wide.

Previously, Roberts was the TASC vice president for Cyber Engineering and Analytics, running all Cyber/IT, Financial and Business Analytics cross cutting, innovative technical services. Prior to TASC, Roberts was the executive director of the Carnegie Mellon, Software Engineering Institute, leading the technical body of work for the entire US Interagency.

She has a special focus on leveraging and transitioning commercial innovation and acquisition excellence to government programs and capabilities and establishing the Emerging Technologies Center and Cyber Intelligence Consortium.

On the panel, Roberts will use her knowledge and experience she gained from her career in the technology industry to discuss the regulation changes within CMMC, and how it will affect both government and industry employees.

As CMMC’s revision has moved away from self-certification, it has replaced current National Institute of Science and Technology’s (NIST) standards for cybersecurity with a five-level system of requirements for defense contractors.

Richard Naylor, senior cyber advisor and deputy director for Counterintelligence (Cyber) of Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) and Ted Ross, CEO and Co-Founder of SpyCloud will join Roberts on the panel.

The panelists will also discuss the CMMC’s timeline, how the certification process could change and will provide a memorandum of understanding with a newly established CMMC accrediting body.

Join Potomac Officers Club for its CMMC Forum 2020 on June 24th to learn about the impact DoD’s CMMC will have on cybersecurity practices, supply chain security and other aspects of the federal market.

Register here for Potomac Officers Club’s CMMC Forum 2020 on Wednesday, June 24th.

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