SAP NS2’s Kyle Rice: Commercial Tech Could Help Agencies Advance IT Modernization

Jeff Brody
Kyle Rice

Kyle Rice, chief technology officer at SAP National Security Services, has said government agencies can modernize and ensure the security of their information technology infrastructure by leveraging commercial offerings and an example of that is working with industry partners to integrate artificial intelligence into the cloud.

“The cloud provides mission flexibility and the ability to rapidly respond to new challenges and AI helps agencies leverage the full value of their data and make better decisions in less time,” Rice wrote.

He said there are three steps agencies should consider when incorporating AI into the cloud and the first is “getting the agency’s data in order.”

The other two steps require agencies to focus on the results they intend to achieve and put emphasis on “iterative successes,” which Rice said is key to encouraging user adoption of AI platforms.

“Rather than ask users to take a huge leap of faith on a finished product, agencies should roll out incremental AI-enabled cloud capabilities and demonstrate their reliability,” he added.

Rice mentioned the need for agencies to ensure that their workforce has the technical skills to assess and oversee commercial capabilities.

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