Exabeam’s Bill Aubin: Human Expertise, Machine Learning Could Help Agencies Fight Stealthy Adversaries

Bill Aubin

Bill Aubin, vice president of federal at Exabeam, has said government agencies seeking to counter threat actors working in stealth mode to exfiltrate data should use machine learning and the expertise of security professionals.

Aubin wrote how machine learning combined with automation and behavior-based breach detection could help agencies speed up the detection of anomalous patterns and prevent hackers from launching attacks.

He cited artificial intelligence and how it allows analysts to save time and focus on performing threat hunting operations and other critical tasks.

Aubin said agencies need security experts to help fully understand the nature of a cyber incident because depending solely on automation, response and security orchestration tools could result in false positives.

“Machine learning and automation are game-changers, but they don’t eliminate the need for security professionals to thoroughly understand what’s happening on their agencies’ networks,” he said. “When human intelligence is combined with automated response, agencies can more decisively resolve security incidents.”

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