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Robert Helm, Thomas Kirchmaier, Elizabeth Schmid to Assume New Roles at General Dynamics

General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) has appointed Robert Helm, Thomas Kirchmaier and Elizabeth Schmid to new positions, effective April 1.

Helm, senior vice president for planning and development, will serve as special adviser to the CEO and will continue to support strategic initiatives of the company, General Dynamics said Friday.

Kirchmaier, VP for strategic initiatives, will elevate to the role of SVP for planning, communications and trade compliance. The three-decade General Dynamics veteran previously led the firm’s information technology and advanced information systems businesses.

Schmid will be VP for government relations. Before joining the company in 2015, she was a VP of the Aerospace Industries Association, a staff director on the Senate Defense Appropriations subcommittee and a presidential management fellow at the Department of Defense.

All three appointees will report to Phebe Novakovic, chairman and CEO of General Dynamics.

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