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VIDEO: Summit Supercomputer

ORNL’s new 200-petaflops system debuts as America’s top supercomputer for science. Learn more: https://www.ornl.gov/news/ornl-launch… —– Script: ORNL’s newest supercomputer is here. Summit is the world’s fastest and smartest scientific supercomputer. The 200-petaflops system performs 200,00 trillion calculations per second. It’s also capable of over 3 billion billion mixed precision calculations per second, or 3.3 exaops, for certain scientific applications. Energy Secretary Rick Perry dedicated the powerful machine, along with the CEOs of IBM and NVIDIA, and Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam. “This is about changing the world. This is what Oak Ridge has always been about. Summit will accelerate our innovations and impact people’s lives.” – Energy Secretary Rick Perry

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