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VIDEO: The Future of Military Communication

The next decade will be the most significant for humankind’s presence in space since the 1960s. New technology is turning the hype surrounding private space flight into a reality. New satellites will also be cheaper, more innovative, more useful and radically different from the past, thanks to breakthroughs in modular computer architectures, robotics and more.

In terms of innovation, the U.S. military will realize the greatest benefits from these technological trends. It will rely on advanced satellites for a far greater number of missions and to ensure greater connectivity among ships, soldiers, jets and virtually every other piece of equipment under military control.

Military leaders across the services have expressed a keen interest in better connecting every asset on the battlefield, and then connecting those nods back to Washington and other partners all of the world. To realize that vision, the military will be relying extensively on the commercial satellite communications providers.

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