VIDEO – For Fleet and Force: ONR Global Science Advisors

Science Advisors from the Office of Naval Research Global work in a fast-paced and exciting world, finding the best, most cutting-edge technologies for America’s warfighter. A new video shows how this small but crucial group of men and women are positively impacting the Navy, Marine Corps and nation—from artillery to aircraft carriers, cognition to cyber, and lasers to landing craft.

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ICT supply chain

Cyberspace Solarium Commission Proposes Strategy to Create Trusted ICT Supply Chains

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission has released a white paper that presents a five-pillar strategy to establish trusted supply chains for critical information and communications technologies. The strategy calls for the U.S. to identify key technologies and equipment through public-private partnerships and government assessments; ensure minimum viable manufacturing capacity; protect supply chain from compromise through information sharing, product testing and better intelligence; stimulate a domestic market via targeted infrastructure investment; and ensure global competitiveness.


DIA Seeks White Papers for Measurement, Signature Intelligence R&D Initiative

The Defense Intelligence Agency has asked interested stakeholders to submit white papers on several research topic areas to help develop new measurement and signature intelligence capabilities.