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Jim McCarthy, the Host of ‘The Bridge’ Discusses the Challenges Facing the Burgeoning UAS (Drones) Marketplace

With new developments in aerial technology growing faster than legislature can adapt, a disconnect has emerged. The applications of unmanned aerial systems (UAS or Drones) are vast and far-reaching, but where will the regulatory line be drawn between hobbyists and the military?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently estimated that by 2020 there will be 11 million commercial UAS’s sold in the United States, and it is unclear the impact they will have on the National Airspace System. There is a host of other uncertainties such as:

  • Privacy concerns; both physical and digital
  • The effectiveness of UAS in search and rescue operations and other Law Enforcement endeavors/applications
  • What export control issues arise from the emergence of UAS technology?
  • Why is cybersecurity likely to be a concern as the use of UAS increases?
  • Public opinion about the integration of UAS, will they be received with open arms?

On September 24 at 11 am on WJLA; and 6PM on News Channel 8 Host of The Bridge Jim McCarthy sits with:

  • Melissa Rudinger – Vice President Government Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, AOPA
  • Pete Bunce – President and CEO, GAMA
  • Earl Lawrence – Director of the UAS Integration Office, FAA  

They will discuss these concerns and address what steps should be taken in bridging the gap between the government and private sector companies developing these technologies.

For more information about The Bridge, visit http://thebridgeontv.com/

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