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Samsung’s Yasir Aziz: Containerization Key to Agencies’ Mobile Device Management

Yasir Aziz

Yasir Aziz, senior director of end user sales for Samsung Knox at Samsung Business, has said government agencies should consider containerization as an approach to mobile device management in an effort to balance their organizations’ security, flexibility and productivity requirements.

Aziz wrote that containerization works to establish a “firewall-protected app container within the mobile device” in an effort to safeguard contacts, email and other work apps from potential security breaches.

Containerization “provides the dual-persona device configuration that ensures complete separation and protection of data” and works to support bring-your-own-device and choose-your-own-device environments, he added.

Aziz also urged government information technology leaders to implement technology policies designed to facilitate use of mobile devices by agency employees while ensuring the security of such devices.

He also cited some of the efforts by government agencies to promote productivity while mitigating security risks and these include testing IT policies prior to implementation across the enterprise and imitating the Defense Department’s guidelines to protect devices from security vulnerabilities.


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