Qualtrics’ Trevor DeLew, Bobbie Browning: Understanding Citizen Experiences Key to Public Service Delivery

Trevor DeLew

Trevor DeLew, head of federal at Qualtrics, and Bobbie Browning, chief federal strategist at the company, have said federal agencies should know and understand citizen experiences to change the way they deliver services to the public.

Bobbie Browning

DeLew and Browning wrote that agencies should “recognize the role their reputation plays in mission achievement” and understand how citizens perceive their organizations in order to accurately interpret feedback.

Agencies need to understand the importance of knowing whether citizen experiences meet or fall short of expectations in every interaction with the government, they noted.

Browning and DeLew also discussed the role of an experience management platform in accelerating the collection and analysis of data about agency services, reputation and employee engagement in order to answer questions related to citizen experiences at the enterprise level and address the experience gap.

They also called on agencies to prioritize and measure citizen experiences to facilitate the allocation of resources amid budget reductions.

“Marrying stores of existing operational data to new experiential data will offer a transparent view of which agency initiatives contribute most to the mission,” they added.

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