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Robert Kehler, Former Stratcom Chief, Appointed to Inmarsat’s Board

Robert Kehler
Robert Kehler

Robert Kehler, a retired four-star Air Force general and former head of U.S. Strategic Command, has been appointed to the board of directors at Inmarsat.

The 38-year military veteran will officially take his board role on May 6 and become a member of the British telecommunications contractor’s remuneration committee, Inmarsat said Thursday.

“We are especially pleased that with the recent retirement of Retired Admiral James Ellis Jr., we were able to appoint someone to the board who will provide a continuity of similar experience, ” said Andrew Sukawaty, Inmarsat’s executive chairman.

As Stratcom chief, Kehler was responsible for the U.S. military’s plans and operations in the fields of strategic deterrance, space and cyberspace.

He led the command from January 2011 to November 2013 and was responsible to both the U.S. president and defense secretary in that role.

Prior to that, he led Air Force Space Command and oversaw the branch’s development, acquisition and operation of space and missile systems.

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