DARPA Plans 2-Year, $175M Extension for Lockheed Anti-Ship Missile R&D Contract

DARPA image
DARPA image

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency intends to award a two-year, $175 million contract extension to Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) for research and development work on a missile intended to defend against adversarial warships.

Such an extension would complete the demonstration phase of the the joint DARPA-Navy Long Range Anti-Ship Missile program and continue technology maturation work, DARPA said in a justification notice dated March 14.

The extension covers development of a targeting sensor, sensor algorithms and software, a missile control unit, electro-optical terminal target sensor hardware and software, missile autonomy and situational awareness software, as well as a weapon data link.

Lockheed will also work to integrate hardware and software for the LRASM’s missile operational flight program, DARPA says in the notice.

DARPA has scheduled two ballistic test surface launches for the end of this year and also intends for the Air Force to use the LRASM.

The LRASM program’s goal is to reduce dependence on ISR platforms (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), network links and GPS technology in electronic warfare environments.

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