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Report: Private Companies Ramp Up R&D Investments

researchMany private defense contractors in the U.S. have increased their investments in research and development initiatives, Defense News reported Sunday.

Zachary Fryer-Biggs writes public defense vendors largely spend between 1 abd 2 percent of sales on new ideas and technologies.

Private firms such as Alion Science and Technology are boosting their R&D investments by up to 20 percent, according to the report.

“We’re looking to encourage the wild and crazy ideas that are going to disrupt the world that we live in, ” Paul Sautter, director of R&D for Alion, told the publication.

James Chew, strategic development manager at General Atomics, also told Defense News his company intends to boost its R&D spending.

“If it’s something good, believe me, we brief our CEO and it’s supported, ” he added.

Chew added General Atomics is spending R&D funds on both commercial and defense technologies.

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