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Second Lockheed MUOS Comm Satellite Lifts Off

ULA photo
ULA photo

The U.S. Navy launched a Lockheed Martin-built (NYSE: LMT) narrowband military communications satellite Friday at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Lockheed’s second Mobile User Objective System lifted onboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket and the satellite aims to maneuver into its geostationary orbit within nine days, Lockheed said Friday.

MUOS satellites are intended to replace existing ultra-high frequency satellites and to provide mobile data and voice capabilities during tactical missions.

The satellites carry an ultra high frequency payload for legacy systems and a wideband code division multiple access payload that works to handle data.

Lockheed is contracted to build four satellites in the MUOS constellation, which is scheduled to become fully operational by 2015.

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