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Lanny Cohen Named Capgemini Global CTO

Lanny Cohen - Capgemeni,  Executivemosaic
Lanny Cohen

Lanny Cohen has joined the executive committee of Capgemini Group and will serve as global chief technology officer with responsibility for managing business activities aimed to strengthen partnerships.

He will also serve as chairman of a panel that will work to protect the company’s intellectual property rights, Capgemini said Monday.

Cohen will continue to direct a board assigned to oversee corporate dealings in North America, where he previously lead the company’s application services unit.

Paul Hermelin, chairman and CEO, said Cohen will use his leadership skills and management background to support Capgemini’s commercial goals for growth and development.

Salil Parekh, CEO of Capgemini’s¬†global financial services and application services¬†units, has appointed Corporate Vice President Tim Bridges to succeed Cohen as head of North American application services.

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