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Thales to Help Air Force Update Air Traffic Systems; Tony Lo Brutto Comments

ThalesLogoThales Group will work with the U.S. Air Force to update tools and equipment the branch uses to monitor and guide aircraft for military operations.

The Air Force’s navigational aids family of systems work to send and receive information about airspace conditions and routes, Thales said Wednesday.

Under the NAVAIDS FOS program, Thales’ air traffic management division will work to upgrade components of flight infrastructure networks throughout the country and the Air Force’s international facilities.

Tony Lo Brutto, Thales vice president of air traffic management, said the company intends to offer products with remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities for the National Airspace System.

Don Lytle, Air Force air traffic control and landing systems chief, said the company and the branch also aim to integrate new devices into existing platforms.

Thales has worked with the U.S. Defense Department and Federal Aviation Administration for more than seven decades on air surveillance and navigation.

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