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Lockheed to Help Develop Power Plant Safety Systems in China; Jim Gribschaw Comments

lockheed martinLockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) and China’s State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Co. have partnered to engineer and assess a power plant safety technology intended to address the country’s demand for safe nuclear energy.

The two companies will use a field programmable gate array model to build a prototype of a safety instrumentation and control platform for China’s Generation III reactors, Lockheed said Wednesday.

Lockheed and the State Nuclear Power Technology Corp. subsidiary aim for the platform to ensure safe and regulatory-compliant digital nuclear safety systems.

“We are committed to creating and implementing industry-specific solutions for civilian nuclear power plants, ensuring the safety of critical power generating infrastructure, ” said Jim Gribschaw, general manager of nuclear systems and solutions at Lockheed Martin.

The FPGA-based technology will help identify system failures and support fresh plant implementation as well as safety upgrades.

Lockheed did not disclose details of the agreement but said it has submitted the licensing topical report to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for review.

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