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Report: US, France, Israel Discuss General Atomics Reaper Deal

U.S. Air Force photo

France is discussing a potential purchase of two General Atomics-built unmanned aerial vehicles with the U.S. and Israeli governments, Reuters reports.

According to Leigh Thomas’ story, French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told iTele the country intends to buy the Reaper UAVs straight away.

Citing Le Monde newspaper, Thomas writes France expects the U.S. to approve an initial purchase of two reapers, pending approval from Congress.

France eventually intends to buy between five and seven reapers for $384.72 million, according to Le Monde.

Defense News reports France expects the U.S. officials received a letter from the French government earlier this month that requested two UAVs and a ground station.

France’s defense and national security white paper includes an order of 12 theater surveillance UAVs, according to Defense News.

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