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Australia Commits to 100 Lockheed F-35 Jets, Will Buy 12 Boeing Growlers

F35Australia has committed to purchase 100 Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) F-35 jets and will buy 12 Boeing (NYSE: BA) EA-18G Growler planes as part of a new defense strategy,  Reuters reports.

James Grubel writes the Australian Defence Ministry announced its acquisition in a white paper, saying the country aims to shift its focus into the Indo-Pacific region as China and India build up their militaries.

Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith said the country aims to have a mixed fleet that matches U.S. Navy capability by 2030, according to Reuters.

Grubel reports Australia plans to initially buy 14 F-35s and build up to three operational squadrons of 75 jets by 2030, while also holding an option to buy 25 jets after that.

Those latter 25 planes are intended to replace Australia’s 24 Super Hornets, according to the report.

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