MAXIMUS Unveils Health IT Literacy Services

MAXIMUS, Inc. (NYSE: MMS) has announced it is now offering eHealth Literacy Services to help state and community programs meet the communication and engagement challenges consumers and providers face when using the new health IT infrastructure.

“A key goal of HITECH is to use HIT as a tool to transform healthcare and improve the lives of all Americans, ” said Bruce Caswell, president and general manager of MAXIMUS Health Services. “However, citizens must be able to access and understand their health information, in partnership with their providers, for the federal government’s $22.6 billion investment to succeed.”

Caswell called the eHealth Literacy Services “a natural extension” of the firm’s Center for Health Literacy services, and said the new offering helps government agencies and nonprofit organizations support medical providers with health IT literacy solutions that lead to higher-quality and lower-cost healthcare for everyone and help citizens make better-informed decisions about their healthcare and well-being.

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