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Lockheed Ships Juno Spacecraft Bound for Jupiter to NASA

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) sent the completed Juno spacecraft to Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where it will undergo several months of testing by NASA in advance of an August launch.

The craft will launch as part of the United Launch Alliance Atlas V 551 vehicle.

Juno will travel to Juptiper, the second of NASA’s New Frontiers missions.

“From the earliest stages of this mission, we’ve worked closely with the mission’s principal investigator Scott Bolton and his science team to understand the challenges of their science objectives, ” said Jim Crocker, vice president of Sensing and Exploration Systems at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. “Then, in close partnership with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, our team designed and built a unique and amazing spacecraft that will garner that highly-sought science while dealing with the harsh radiation environment of Jupiter.”

Juno is scheduled to arrive at its destination in 2016 and will gather data on the planet’s origin, structure and atmosphere.

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